We believe technology and innovation are the path to a more prosper, just and humane society. Innovation and the use of technology in government has the power to transform public services, deliver more with less and improve the interaction between citizens and the public sector. The use of technological innovations to transform today’s most critical challenges across the globe is a fact that is happening right now, this very instant. To translate this potential into action, we need to work together.

Brazil needs to be a protagonist in this GovTech trend.



GovTech BRAZIL aims to create an agenda that contemplates how Brazil must position itself in this technological revolution and what steps must be taken towards this goal.

At GOVTECH 2018, we will connect global leaders from different sectors and establish a dialogue between:

@ Public sector leaders, legislators and public authorities,

@ Startups, entrepreneurs and private companies,

@ Investors,

@ NGOs and civil society,

@ Media.


The program was created based on these 5 pillars:

#1. Present the most innovative and practical tech solutions that are improving the public sector worldwide.

#2. Debate the potential impact of technologies for the most relevant public challenges.

#3. Identify and explore challenges and opportunities to promote innovation and the use of new technologies to solve real problems we face in Brazil.

#4. Build a Digital Agenda for Brazil, based on the conversations and knowledge generated before, during and after the Conference.  

#5. Consolidate a lasting partnership on GovTech able to drive the implementation of a Digital Agenda in the news next few years.

GovTech BRAZIL 2018 edition is the first and only event of this magnitude in Brazil. We are committed to this cause and hope we can count on you so that we may together transform our mission in reality.

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