As Latin America’s leading bank, we are aware of our role as a catalyst for social transformation. In the light of so many social challenges, we need to seek new models for integrating society to ensure more human and efficacious solutions. Our investments are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals, having as the principal focus of activity: Culture, Sport, Mobility and Education.

Founded in 2000, BRAVA is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization that develops and supports high-impact initiatives and innovative solutions for the Public Sector in Brazil. Through more than 50 projects and supported initiatives, BRAVA stands for innovation and result-driven performance within Brazilian national and subnational governments.


Magazine Luiza’s care with people encompasses its employees, customers and suppliers, and all its stakeholders. Our work in the community exceeds the material help and has rather a participatory character in social actions. The valorization of diversity is also supported by Magazine Luiza. Social commitment is one of our beliefs. We are convinced that our success is a result of the success of the people who are part of our history.

Instituto Humanize is a family non-profit organization founded in 2017 that works for a more sustainable and equanimous country, financing project in three programs: Sustainable Use of the Environment, Public Management and Entrepreneurship, and Social-Environmental Impact Companies.

The Boticário Group believes in beauty as a tool for protagonism. This translates into an organization with a remarkable trajectory in entrepreneurship with the brand O Boticário, founded in 1977, and that today is complemented by the business units Eudora, “quem disse, berenice?”, The Beauty Box, Milti B and Vult – with 11.000 direct collaborators, more than 4.000 points of sale in Brazil and international presence in 12 other countries.

We have been fighting for high quality, universal public education for 15 years, supporting people and organizations dedicated to solving the major challenges faced by the Brazilian society. As a nonprofit family organization, we collaborate with governments and civil society entities in the pursuit of solutions to tackle the challenges faced by the country.

Stone is a payment technology company created by Brazilian entrepreneurs that have been developing the market for more than 15 years. Beyond simply acquiring clients, offers intelligent solutions, relevant knowledge and gives the treatment every client deserves. The objective is to raise the bar of the market so that entrepreneurs have the power of choice and can grow his business even more

Partner Airline

GOL Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes is the largest airline in Brazil, with more than 30 million customers transported each year, and the leader in the corporate and leisure segments. In its 17 years of history, it has democratized air transportation in the country, becoming the largest low-cost airline in the sector, with the best rates in Latin America. Currently, it operates 700 flights daily to 65 destinations (Brazil, South America, the Caribbean and, soon, the United States), with a standardized fleet of 119 Boeing 737 aircrafts. Internally, GOL has a team of 15,000 highly qualified aviation professionals that are focused on security, the company’s number one value.

Mobility Support

Uber is changing the way ppeople feel about and experience urban mobility. Recently, the company was just an app to order lucury cars in some cities. Now, it is a part of the everyday life of more than 600 cities worldwide. Being for a long trip or just ordering a sandwich, Uber uses technology to give people what they want, when and wherever they want.

For the platform drivers, Uber represents a new and flexible way of generating income. The company helps strengthen the local economy while enhancing urban mobility. And that is just the beginning. Uber represents the way how people and thing will move from one place to the other, with projects of autonomous cars and trucks, and the world’s first urban electric aviation network: UberAIR.

Media Partner

Institutional Support

We are a global non-profit organization with the mission of multiplying the transformative power of entrepreneurs. In Brazil, since 2000, we promote a business environment that stimulates the growth and impact of entrepreneurs who are leading Scale-ups, fast growth companies with a scalable and innovative business model.

With free Wi-Fi, an infectious energy, and lots of fellow founders, the Campus Cafe is a great place to get things done, take a break, or collaborate with like-minded people. The Campus Cafe sells fresh coffee and healthy food options to fuel great work. Simply sign up to become a member (it’s free!) and come on in.

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